Innovation Stage

Free 30-Minute Seminars on Industry Breakthroughs

Tune in for these 30-minute sessions to hear from suppliers and industry experts on the latest breakthroughs and trends in sustainability, food & beverage, and more. All content is now available for on-demand viewing and is included for free with your registration.  


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*All content is presented in Spanish.

Innovation Stage seminar topics include:


  • Pneumatic conveying systems, the solution to optimize your powdered feeding system
  • The road to warehouse modernization
  • Real-time traceability with PAT (Process Analytical Technology) in tablet production
  • Sustainable Packaging Materials and Systems Solutions
  • Trends in Automation in the Food and Packaging segment
  • Technological advances in packaging
  • Augmented Reality: the new way to provide support and assistance
  • Reducing costs with coding and marking equipment performance
  • Packaging sales and purchasing strategies for the new digital age
  • Automation 101: a step-by-step guide for robotics
  • Preform silos: an innovative solution to reduce costs and improve quality *Available in English.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship, the challenges behind COVID-19 and new market needs


The materials presented in this program are audiovisual works created by the presenters or interviewees (hereinafter "the Author"), at the invitation of EXPO PACK MEXICO S.A. DE C.V, within the framework of the Innovation Stage / Espacio para Innovadores program of the Online Enlace Expo Pack platform and is made available to the public on a non-profit basis and for merely educational, informative and referential purposes, with the Author's authorization. The images, audios, videos, audio, music and other sounds, as well as graphics, photographs, text, brands (including trade names, registered trademarks, service trademarks or logos), interactive functions, software, metrics and other materials to which referred to in them, are the author's own and / or the Author has authorization for their dissemination and / or are included by the Author under article 148 of the Federal Copyright Law, solely and exclusively for purposes educational, informative, referential and non-profit, and are the property of each of their respective owners and their authors, so it is not intended to establish any association or relationship with the Author, and / or with EXPO PACK MEXICO SA DE C.V. The opinion, references and information contained in this video are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Author.

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