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Mundo de Expertos

Tune in for these 30-minute morning sessions to hear from industry experts on hot topics in the packaging and processing industry, brought to you by Mundo PMMI. All content is now available for on-demand viewing, is presented in Spanish, and is included for free with your registration.  


Tuesday, June 8



10:00 -10:30 am (CDT) The Future of Sustainability in Packaging

  • Innovative Paths towards Sustainability in Packaging through the Lens of Latin American CPGs. 

Pioneering brand owners in packaging sustainability will discuss in this panel why they have taken different paths –such as reuse, refilling, recycling, or the use of biobased and compostable materials— to advance in this field, and what results they have obtained. 


  • Sustainable Packaging for a New Consumer in a Latin American Changing Industry Landscape 

Analysis of how much the perception, habits and behavior of consumers in Latin America have changed regarding sustainability in packaging as a result of the crisis caused by the global pandemic. 



Griscelda Ramos, sustainability director at Natura México

Paula Schreiber, global plastics sustainability manager at Unilever

Fabio França, technical VP for Colombia and Ecuador at Nestlé

Jorge Zúñiga, research analyst at Euromonitor International

Lilián Robayo (moderator), editor at Mundo PMMI



10:30 - 11:00 a.m. (CDT) Circular Economy: Groundbreaking Latin American Cases 

  • Algramo: The on-the-go refill revolution 

This interview explores its powerful reuse and refill packaging model, and its most avant-garde strategies to implement it throughout Latin America and the world. 

Speaker: Amin Guenim, new business VP at Algramo


  • TriCiclos and its impressive model of circularity and reuse of packaging in Latin America

Interview with TriCiclos about how this leading firm in the region has managed to generate an impact on the packaging value chain in Latin America, and promote a circular logic under the slogan "garbage is a design error", in addition to its innovative strategies to advance in the reuse and filling of packaging in Latin America, together with companies such as Mercado Circular.

Speaker: Verónica de la Cerda, CEO at TriCiclos


  • General Mills and its 360° Vision on Circular Economy 

A conversation with Daniela González, a global leader in innovation and sustainability for packaging at General Mills, about the Circular Economy challenges and opportunities facing the group, as well as the leadership on CE projects, and the empowerment of women in the food and beverages industry. 

This segment is brought to you by PMMI's Packaging & Processing Women's Leadership Network (PPWLN). 


Speaker: Daniela González, global leader in innovation and sustainability for packaging at General Mills

Wednesday, June 9




10:00 - 10:30 a.m. (CDT) The E-Commerce Revolution

  • The e-commerce revolution: a myriad of new opportunities for packaging strategies and business models 

Analysis of how as a result of the exponential growth of e-commerce in Latin America, new dynamics, opportunities for development and innovation in packaging, and new business models have been generated.


  • An overview of e-commerce packages that are shifting paradigms and attracting consumers with their disruptive nature 

Tour of innovative packaging for e-commerce from different parts of the world that have changed paradigms and that, with a disruptive vision, seduce consumers. 


Hernán Braberman, executive director of Tridimage and renowned international speaker, an expert on package design

Ronald Sasine, director at Hudson Windsor



10:30 - 11:00 a.m. (CDT) Packaging and Processing Operations Transformation in 2021

  • The impacts of COVID-19 on packaging and processing operations in Mexico: investment levels and priorities for the industry in 2021 

Do not miss the latest findings about the impacts of the pandemic on the packaging and processing operations, based on a new PMMI intelligence market research conducted among Mexican CPGs. 

This presentation is a must to learn the latest trends and data on how packaging and processing manufacturing plants have been impacted by the sanitary crisis. Explore what stays, what goes, and what new changes are coming in 2021 and onwards! 


  • Irruption and evolution of remote access technologies in packaging and processing 

Learn about a successful case of adoption and implementation of new remote access technologies in the wake of the pandemic, its impacts and potentials. 


Jorge Izquierdo, vp of market development at the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, PMMI

Pablo Cavezzali, technical service manager at Tetra Pak

Mariano Marcos, maintenance at AdeS, Coca-Cola

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