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Maximize Your Exposure at Enlace EXPO PACK

Submit this application to reserve an Exhibitor Showroom for Enlace EXPO PACK. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

NOTE: PMMI reserves the right to determine a company’s eligibility to exhibit at Enlace EXPO PACK.











Online Showroom Package USD $795

Online Showrooms include:






Show Management will send an official contract and invoice after your Enlace EXPO PACK application has been submitted. Your company must return the signed contract and remit full payment by the date indicated on the contract. The contract is not binding without receipt of payment. Exhibitor Showrooms will not be activated until full payment has been received.


GET NOTICED! Enlace EXPO PACK offers just the right advertising and sponsorship opportunities to meet your marketing goals, whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, position your company as an industry thought leader or spark new conversations with prospects.


I'm interested in learning more about the following sponsorship opportunities:

Innovation Stage Educational Presentations USD $2,000

The Innovation Stage will be a key feature at Enlace EXPO PACK. The Innovation Stage gives exhibitors the space to educate the industry on your breakthroughs in technology and present your company’s latest products in front of highly qualified attendees. Each session is presented in Spanish with a live chat feature to engage with attendees. Limited Space Available! To learn more and submit an abstract to be reviewed and approved by Show Management click here.

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